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Voter Identification - knowing precisely who your voters are - is the most important part of any campaign. That means the most crucial element in your ground game is building a marked list, or list of supporters, in advance of a Persuasion and GOTV effort.

First Contact’s professional and efficient callers will work with your campaign to identify supporters and undecided voters, to distinguish them from those who are simply not interested in your candidate or the election itself. In every interaction we try to convey important information about your candidate and the defining issues and leave a positive impression.

Whether it is a few hundred or a few hundred thousand calls, we will work with you to get all the data your campaign needs to win.

We will work with your team to:
● Identify priority calling lists
● Find the most likely supporters
● Customize your scripts to deliver important information about your candidate or cause to the target voters
● Return data to you and your campaign database in near real time

Research shows that the most effective campaign expenditure is direct voter contact. Let's start working today to communicate with your future supporters.

Persuasion Calling

The margin of victory for many campaigns is contained within the number of votes that will shift in the last days of the campaign. We do more than just identify voters, we work with your campaign to develop scripts to persuade voters about why they should support your campaign. We are experts at tailoring messaging, using data to properly target, and implement the plans using our professional call centres.

If you have even a small number of trusted volunteers, we can stream best-prospect voters to them and help prepare them with compelling scripts so they can have a big impact on your results on Election Day.

We will work with your team to:
● Write a powerful and persuasive script
● Use data to target the messaging
● Implement the plan using our efficient call centres


Get out the vote, or GOTV, is what winning campaigns is all about. We have all the tools you need to plan a successful GOTV effort that covers Special Ballots, Advance Polls and Election Day. We can work side by side with your volunteers without making overlapping calls, and we can receive data from your polling location volunteers to remove voters from our lists, allowing us to focus on supporters who have not yet voted.

We will work with your team to:
• Plan the GOTV effort
• Motivate voters
• Supplement your campaign team resources with our automated messages and our experienced callers

Don't leave planning your Get out the Vote effort to the night before. Let's work together now to build GOTV into your winning campaign plan.


Engaging with voters through a TeleForum™, or telephone town hall, is one of the most important ways to build lasting connections. We have conducted hundreds of successful TeleForums and connected over one million participants to candidates in multiple countries. Our events are all fully CRTC and FCC compliant.

We treat every event as an opportunity to create and deliver rich content within the context of an integrated communications plan. With our script writing, social media engagement techniques, training for your team, full event support and the option to use one of our professional moderators - and your event will have impact.

We will work with your team to:
• Plan and deliver a first-class event
● Connect to a large group of constituents
● Engage in a lively and engaging discussion
● Receive real time poll results and other analytics
● Maximize the impact of the event by tying in social and mainstream media

Talk to us now about participating in one of our upcoming TeleForums so that you can see the advantages our carefully planned and artfully executed events will bring to your campaign.

Please see the bottom of this page for examples of our TeleForums.

Automated Polling

Campaigns require up-to-date data information on issues relevant to voters and simple but accurate horse race numbers. Automated polling is a fast and low cost alternative to live agent polls. First Contact offers fast and efficient, CRTC and FCC compliant automated polling services that will help provide a strategic advantage on any campaign. Work with us to develop questions for your voters that will provide essential insight for your campaign.

We will work with your team to:
● Develop and deliver a fast and accurate poll
● Identify what the data means for your campaign
● Create a marketing plan if you choose to make the poll public

Get in the know! Contact us to deliver an automated poll for you today.

Click here to download a sample poll.

Voice Broadcasting (+ Voice Broadcasting with a Response Option)

Need to reach your voters quickly? First Contact’s fully CRTC and FCC compliant voice broadcasting service allows you to rapidly deliver a message to thousands or hundreds of thousands of phone numbers in the most effective and efficient manner. Our messages offer the highest audio quality and the greatest reliability.

We will work with your team to:
● Identify the numbers to call
● Develop a script
● Provide recording instructions or professional voice recording
● Check all outbound messages for CRTC and FCC compliance
● Optional ability to collect responses from voters

Let the world know what you are thinking, Let us deliver your winning message today.

Membership Recruitment

Are you working to win a nomination or leadership race? We can help you win! We understand how political parties work, and how candidates can use technology to win.

We will work with your team to:
● Call membership lists
● Integrate with your volunteers to fulfill membership requests
● Create an engaging website
● Develop social media strategies

Live Transfer Calls

Add a live transfer option to automated messages or TeleForums to instantly connect voters, donors or interested members of the public with members of your campaign team or with incumbent politicians who need to hear from your campaign.

Fulfill membership requests, accept donations or make the public’s voice heard on important issues.

We will work with your team to:
• Set up the campaign
• Monitor the delivery and transfer of messages
• Transfer data to you immediately

Contact us to set up a trial of this technology. Once you have tried it, you will see its effectiveness.

Virtual Call Centre

We can bring the power of our call centre right into your campaign office and make superstars out of your campaign volunteers. Reach more voters every hour of the campaign, deliver a more consistent message, and return consistently formatted electronic results.

We will work with your team to:
● Implement the technology
● Develop messaging for the inbound and outbound calls
● Train your volunteers
● Ensure data consistency

Contact us to boost your team's productivity now!

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