"Thank you First Contact for paying attention to the specific needs of our Northern riding. Great work."

-Larry Joy, Campaign Manager, Thunder Bay-Superior North

“As a campaign Manager I am two for two with First Contact. In the first campaign we used an aggressive advance poll strategy to defeat the incumbent Ontario Minister of Health and in the second campaign we put the emphasis on getting out our Liberal voters on Election Day using multiple contacts per voter. In both campaigns the media called for a loss according to their polls. We’re still here.”

-Mike Penhale, Campaign Manager

“Please accept my sincere congratulations and thanks for a job well done. Our achievement in winning this riding could not have occurred without your help. I particularly enjoyed the daily discussions we had concerning the previous day’s results. Your insight was immensely helpful. I will encourage candidates and managers to strongly consider utilizing your firm’s expertise."

-Mike McGowan, Campaign Manager

“The key feature for me as a campaign manager is reliability-the results arrive without worry and if I have a question or problem I can pick up the phone and know it will be resolved.”

-Connie Micalleff, Campaign Manager

“The number of volunteers has diminished over the past 10 - 15 years making this service more and more valuable. I recommend it.”

-Paul Kossta, Campaign Manager

“First Contact’s price was great. After looking at other similar services we felt we got a good deal for the high volume of calls First Contact made for us. Those “Get-Out-The-Vote” calls really got them out.

-Florence Eastwood, Campaign Co-Chair

“First Contact’s services were excellent. Our team was particularly pleased with the high quality of their reporting program. The daily reports were consistent,clear and extremely valuable,in that they helped us track our vote very effectively. Door to door canvassing can’t produce the results their calls did.”

-Florence Eastwood, Campaign Co-chair

“We had friends from across America using the Volunteer from Anywhere tool to make calls on behalf of our campaign.”

-Peter Lyman, Campaign Manager

“In 2004 we were the first campaign in Nova Scotia to retain First Contact for Voter Identification and GOTV. First Contact provided expert assistance with our data management and telephone number matching challenges, professionally executed a very large Voter ID campaign and were a vital component of our E-Day.”

-Milt Larsen, Campaign Chair, Halifax West
-Paulette Cormier Duncan, Database Manager, Halifax West

“We were nominated late and had to move fast to open the HQ, order our signs and get the team organized. It was extremely useful to have First Contact call our polls in priority sequence so that we could get signs up fast.”

-Scott Cavalier, Campaign Manager

“Voter Identification is a challenging task in Vancouver Kingsway. More than 55 per cent of the residents are immigrants,nearly 40 per cent are Chinese. In our 2004 campaign First Contact was able to use their multilingual call centres to accurately and efficiently identify the vote and assisted us greatly with our GOTV.”

-Adam Johnson, Campaign Manager, Vancouver Kingsway

“Very few ridings have a volunteer base that can deliver the number of calls with the speed with which First Contact is capable. This service is an ideal way to reach voters quickly.”

-Simon Tunstall, Campaign Manager

“We started working with First Contact before the writ was dropped. We had them call our old sign list and as a result we had more than 600 locations lined up in advance of the election.”

-Chris Phillips, Campaign Manager

“We used First Contact to reach a large list of voters whom we were trying to attract to a community fundraiser. The fundraising event was successful and as an element of our campaign strategy helped to build our candidate’s profile as well as raise money.”

-David Anderson, Campaign Chair

“First Contact was successful in reaching the young families in our provincial riding - a group that is hard to reach and seldom at home, but very important to us. We followed up by hand delivering requests for policy materials and putting up lawn signs and contacting them again on Election Day.”

-Ian Schofield, Campaign Chair

“Hiring First Contact is a very different proposition than using an ordinary call centre. First Contact specializes in Liberal campaigns and has by far the most experience with them. They are able to add value at every stage of the process.”

-Mike Klander, Former Executive Director LPC(O)

“Even with our very large and enthusiastic campaign team it is unrealistic for us to try to canvas our entire riding completely during a four week writ. In every election we have hired First Contact to call a block of our polls and in every election we have been pleased with the quality, accuracy and timelines of the results.”

-Lindsay Williams, Campaign Manager

“We started the election with 1500 sign locations after having First Contact call our old sign list.”

-Ralph Capocci, Campaign Manager

“In my role as Election Day chair I have twice used First Contact to build a marked voters list of identified supporters that we could turn out on Election Day. In both cases we received an extensive and accurate list within a very short time and in both elections my candidates were successful.”

-Drina Omazic, Campaign Manager

“After identifying more than 12,000 households for us, First Contact recontacted our previously undecided voters in the final four days of the campaign and added an additional 1,200 supporters to our marked lists. This was crucial in an election where our margin of victory was 54 votes.”

-Michael O’Shaunessey, Campaign Manager

“First Contact is very quickly able to gauge the level of support in a riding, providing the campaign manager with information to make decisions. The service is fast, accurate and an excellent investment of campaign dollars.”

-Tom Allison, Campaign Manager

“I used First Contact to conduct Voter identification on behalf of the Edmonton - St. Albert campaign in 2004. The areas where we used First Contact showed signifigantly stronger results than in previous campaigns. The identification was very accurate now we have extensive lists to use in future campaigns.”

-Bindoo Mangat, Campaign Manager

“Being able to delegate with confidence the largest part of our canvas to First Contact allowed us to focus our volunteers and resources on othe parts of the campaign. We were happy to let the professionals do their jobs.”

-Marva Wisdom, Campaign Manager, Chair LPC

“First Contact was able to reach busy young families and apartment dwellers a core constituency that we could not reach through our traditional phone and door to door canvass. Every morning First Contact provided us with 50+ new sign locations.”

-Ian Schofield, Canvass Manager

“First Contact served our purpose well and the service was excellent. We will certainly utilize their service again.”

-Patrick John, Past Candidate

“A campaign cannot afford to be without these services.”

-Beatrice Raffoul, Campaign Manager

“Daily numbers and immediate response help me to focus my scarce volunteer resources.

-Ana Christina Marques, Campaign Manager

“We defeated a sitting finance minister for the first time in Ontario history with the help of First Contact.”

-Ralph Capocci, Campaign Manager

“First Contact helped fill in the gaps where our resources were short. But their most effective service was the professionalism and knowledge of their phone reps. They made all the difference when handling a controversial issue or hot topic in our riding. We attribute this service to our success.”

-Linda Powers, Campaign Worker

“We were very pleased with the results of using First Contact and we will certainly use it in the future as it saved us a tremendous amount of time and heartache. It’s becoming more and more difficult to get volunteers to do the calling. It was a great help to identify sign locations as well.”

-Maurice Janisse, Essex

“We were very excited to try this new medium of generating support for our party we quickly learned that FC should be an integral part of every campaign.”

-Harpreet Hansra

“From the perspective of a new CM the help ,advice and counselling that I got from Mike and FC was instrumental in helping in helping us with our victory margin.”

-Keith Pacey, Campaign Manager - Nipissing

“We were very pleased with the expedient and professional advice given to me by the First Choice staff. Your client support is terrific. We will be using First Contact in 2007.”

-Michelle Berardinetti, Scarborough Southwest

“The work was done professionally in a timely manner at an affordable price.”

-Suzanne Regimbal, Pickering Scarborough East

“First Contact has enabled us to reach and identify supporters we could not have reached without them.”

-Hon. Brad Duguid, Minister of Labour

“We had friends from across North America using the Volunteer from Anywhere virtual call centre to make calls on behalf of our campaign.”

-Peter Lyman, Campaign Manager

“I just wanted you to know how pleased I was with the work of First Contact and what a great job you did for us here in Willowdale. Your ability to deliver timely, quality information allowed our campaign team to deliver a great result. There is no doubt in my mind that your efforts during the campaign and on E- day played a big part in our victory. Thanks for your good counsel throughout these last five weeks. I look forward to working with you again in future campaigns.”

-Michael Friedman

“First Contact understands the particular needs of rural riding. Their approach to each client is not cookie cutter. Their staff responds to every concern and works directly with the campaign to resolve issues-no matter how unique the situation. I’ve used First Contact in past campaigns and will continue to use them in the future. “

-Dale Palmeter, Campaign Manager

“As a new riding,working with First contact was a major part of our successful campaign effort. As a manager my ability to know what was happening on the ground was made much easier by having First Contact on our team.”

-Fiona Fraser, Campaign Manager

“By utilizing the wide selection of campaign management tools made available by First Contact,we were able to implement a successful outreach strategy resulting in a 237 vote win on Election Day.”

-Paul Carroll, Campaign Manager for Andrew Younger, MLA - Dartmouth East

“Employing First Contact’s sophisticated narrow-casting voice broadcast services enabled me to extend my reach and connect with voters in a highly targeted and effective manner. Their staff was available to work with me every step of the campaign. I expect to be using First Contact in a future election.”

-Greg Fergus, Candidate 2009 Pontiac Nomination & former Liberal Party of Canada National Director

“I’ve used First Contact in every winning election going back to 2004. Their reports are high quality - timely and accurate. First Contact is a key component of our voter identification sign locationadvance,advance poll and get out the vote strategies. I can’t imagine running a campaign without First Contact.”

-Shirley Mosher, Campaign Manager

“With volunteers becoming scarcer, the investmint in First Contact becomes crucial. They generate sign locations quickly and accurately. Their voice broadcast component allows a candidate to get a message into voter’s homes at an affordable price. And their live advance poll and get-out-the vote phone calls directly produce results for your campaign.”

-Mike Mackenzie, Campaign Manager

“First Contact quickly got us daily results. Live phone calling would end at 9 PM and I had the live results that evening. During the campaign,it was better than prime time viewing.”

-Shawn O’Neil, Campaign Manager

“Nova Scotia’s 2009 provincial election was not only my first as a campaign manager but also my first foray into politics. With only two and a half weeks to the election,illness caused the campaign manager to step back,and the party conscripted me. I was woefully unprepared for the new world of identifying and targeting voters. Mike and Steve not only educated me in the very short time before the election,but helped me understand and use the tools they offered to reach the voters. I look forward to working with them again.”

-Elaine Finley, Campaign Manager

“Our riding has one of the largest Chinese- Canadian communities in the country. We needed to reach out to this community in it’s own languages-Mandarin and Cantonese to determine this constituency’s needs and opinions. First Contact was able to identify the proper phone numbers ,worked with us on an appropriate script and found agents in both languages so we could make live voter identification calls. The calls were made in a timely manner and results were most helpful. I’m very pleased with the performance of First Contact.”

-Braeden Caley, Ujjal Dosanjh Campaign

“I have used First Contact for the last 3 elections. Their voter contact and voter ID services have been indispensable to my successful campaigns. On Election Day thanks to First Contact and our team of volunteers, we are able to get out the vote very effectively. I would not hesitate to use First Contact for any future campaign.”

-Anita Neville, Member of Parliament

“We used First Contact to identify the vote and generate sign locations in specific regions within our riding. Their method of proritizing polls gave us the data we needed to implement our successful winning strategy.”

-Todd Russell, Member of Parliament

“I’ve used First Contact in all of my recent campaigns. Their flexibility wide range of campaign management tools and prompt level of service has always impressed me. First Contact’s consistent professionalism and astute political knowledge is a tremendous asset in the planning and execution of a campaign.”

-Esther Shaye, Campaign Manager

“First Contact is an outstanding supplement to traditional phone calling and door to door canvassing. We are able to reach young families and apartment dwellers-groups that we’d normally have difficulty otherwise connecting with. The daily information First Contact obtains is integrated into our existing campaign databases aiding us considerably in our day to day decision making.”

-Nabil Harfoush, Campaign Manager, Mississauga Erindale

“We’ve used First Contact in all of our campaigns. They are a major component of our campaign plan. The voter identification data helps us gauge the mood of the riding. The advance poll and Election Day calls maximize our vote totals. We appreciate that First Contact staff is available to resolve small problems before they become large issues.”

-Gordon Flanagan, President Don Valley East, Federal Liberal Association

“The basis for good decision making is having accurate information. First Contact provides that information in a reliable and consistent format. Their campaign management tools offer creative alternatives that all too often have limited time and resources. I would not hesitate to recommend First Contact to any Liberal campaign.”

-Ian Connerty, Public Relations Executive

“We’ve used First Contact in past elections. The accuracy and reliability of their information allowed our campaign staff to make astute and prudent decisions. Reports are clear,concise and easy to understand. Data is fully integrated into our campaign database. We intend to use First Contact in our next campaign.”

-Lisa Cheskes, Campaign Manager

“First Contact’s voter identification live phone calls permitted our organization to understand what was happening on the ground. Their flexibility and experience in creating a customized script yielded the results that I needed. I was pleased to have First Contact on my team.”

-Dr. David Swann, MLA for Calgary-Mountainview, Leader of the Official Opposition

“First Contact is a crucial element of an overall organizational campaign strategy. With volunteers becoming scarce ,First Contact can provide creative solutions and campain management tools to effectively deliver your message and turn out your vote. We’ve used First Contact in all of our past elections. They provide great value for the money invested.”

-Kyle Peterson, President, Newmarket-Aurora, Federal Liberal Association

“As a downtown city riding we have some unique voter identification challenges. Our campaigns are always high profile and often our impact goes beyond the riding's borders. We’ve used First Contact in each one of our winning campaign elections. They are an essential aspect of our ground game voter identification,advance poll voting and our Election Day get-out-the vote operation. And our ground game has often been the difference between winning and losing. I wouldn’t go into a campaign without First Contact.”

-Daniel Rubinstein, Campaign Manager

“First Contact’s reports are clear,succinct and reliable. They arrive daily giving us an accurate snapshot of the mood of the riding. I can’t imagine planning a campaign strategy without the data and help from First Contact.”

-Linda Hooper, Campaign Manager

“First Contact’s wide range of campaign management solutions fills in the gaps in an urban riding where volunteers can sometimes be scarce. Their live voter ID phone telephone calls allowed us to identify supporters we’d otherwise be unable to contact. First Contact’s staff is on site at the call centres and is always available to our campaign team to solve problems or recommend astute advice.”

-Lynne Steele, Campaign Manager, St. Paul’s

“We used First Contact in our 2008 re-election campaign and received tremendous response. We indentified more sign locations than ever before. The voter ID telephone calls were professional and the daily reporting was accurate and reliable. I was very pleased with their service.”

-David MacRury, Campaign Manager

“We have partnered with First Contact in each of our five successful campaigns. They provide great service at reasonable cost. First Contact allows us to reach many voters that could not be otherwise contacted within the limits of a five week campaign. We will continue our association with First Contact in future elections.”

-Bob Loptson, Campaign Manager

“First Contact is a significant asset to any political campaign. Their methods of identifying supporters,creating new sign locations,and getting your vote to the polls on Election Day are proven effective. They were a key piece to our winning campaigns.”

-Dianne Poirier

“Our challenge was our riding’s enormous geographic size. Having First Contact’s professional voter identification telephone calls made our task so mush easier.”

-Ren Gaudeau

“First Contact necessitates you to organize and view your campaign in a strategic manner. Their staff works with your team from the initial tour of your personalized campaign website through to Election Day. I wouldn’t work in a campaign without First Contact.”

-Ruby Weber

“Over 12 years experience with nearly 1000 clients and approaching 10 million phone calls made. First Contact is the clear leader in voter identification for Liberals seeking federal and provincial or municipal office in Canada. Our experience is typical: quality service relevant management and strategy tools. Our experience is typical: quality service, relevant management and strategy tools,and accurate and up to date reporting. I’m delighted to recommend Mike and First contact to any Liberal campaign.”

-Isabel Metcalfe

“First Contact has proven time after time they get results for your campaign. Their daily reports give a clear accurate picture of your support. Their service compliments all the other outreach and voter identification tasks necessary in a winning campaign.”

-Rose Gilmore

“I have managed five campaigns in the last two years and have won all five with the help of First Contact.”

-John Mraz, Campaign Manager



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