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Access all of your tools, reports and data from your own secure, password-protected online portal. Here you will find everything you need to plan your campaign, direct your voter contact campaign, receive reports and data, and perform analysis. The portal is increasingly mobile optimized so that you can do your work on the go using your mobile device.

Management Portal

Our First Contact campaign team can access all of the tools, reports and data they need to modify your order, customize your scripts or discuss your results, wherever they are – and you are - in the world.

National Campaign Portal

This specialized secure portal is organized with hierarchical access so that everyone from a campaign manager, regional coordinator, state or provincial campaign director to a national campaign director has access to the data they need to see.

Integrated Call Centres

Our proprietary platform connects our own call centres and thousands of seats belonging to our long terms partners so that we control scripting and customizations and you receive real-time data.

Campaign Management Database Integration

We are integrated with several campaign management databases so that you can send records to us for the purposes of call centre dialing, voice broadcasting and TeleForums and we will return the modified records directly to your database in near real time.

Data Integrity

We stand by the data we generate, its predictive power and its measurable, provable impact on your campaign’s chances of winning. After each election we perform in-house and commission third-party studies to measure the effect of our work; in every case we have demonstrated a statistically significant positive result.

Report on the Accuracy of Polling Firms in the 2008 Election
This report tests the hypothesis that First Contact was the most accurate of three firms with respect to affiliation data collected during the 2008 federal campaign. The analyses that follow rely on three variables, which are defined as follows:

Proportion Liberal: this is the proportion of all individuals contacted in a given poll that were identified as either Liberal or possibly Liberal; essentially, this is:

Liberal or Possible Liberal Identifiers
Total Individuals Called
Liberal Vote Share: this is the vote share of the Liberal candidate in a given poll;

Votes for the Liberal Candidate
Total Votes Cast
Difference (between Proportion and Vote Share): for any given poll, this is:

Proportion Liberal − Liberal Vote Share

We examine accuracy in the three firms by answering two questions. First, for each firm, is there a significant difference between the reported proportion Liberal and Liberal vote share? Second, for each firm, what is the average difference between the proportion Liberal reported by the firm and Liberal vote share? The analyses that follow unquestionably point to First Contact as the most accurate of the three firms included.

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