Campaign Strategy

Winning campaigns is what we do, by staying focused on strategies and cutting-edge technology. We are constantly searching for new innovations in campaigning - or inventing our own - and refining our best practices and tactics to ensure our clients have the greatest chance of success.

We will work with your team to:
● Develop the overall strategy for the campaign
● Create step-by-step tactics to achieve victory
● Use data to drive towards the win
● Introduce our suite of cutting edge technologies

A campaign with a winning strategy is a campaign with a greater chance of winning!

Campaign Training

Is this your first campaign, or are you the one experienced person who needs a get a group of eager new volunteers quickly up to speed on what to do and how to win? First Contact will work with you to train your team to develop, target and deliver meaningful messages, identify and motivate your supporters, and organize to win.

We will work with your team to:

● Get your volunteers comfortable talking to voters
● Be comfortable with technology
● Know him to win and plan out tactics to succeed

Mike O’Neill designed and delivered an acclaimed two-day campaign training course for Ontario Liberal Party campaign managers in 2003 and 2007, with over 4000 graduates, training for Ontario Liberal Party and Liberal Party of Canada campaign managers in 2011, has been a speaker at Campaigns and Elections seminars starting in 1999, and has given numerous presentations on campaign management and technology for political parties, trade unions and NGO’s.

Steve Cox has thirty years of experience in curriculum development and delivery purposed for professional development, adult education, and undergraduate and graduate university courses. He has a particular specialization in training call centre employees that translates directly to your campaign phone bank.

We have the knowledge and the experience to motivate and train your team to win.


How did a first-term Senator from Chicago win the White House? Advanced targeting of voters that shared his passion.

We combine two proprietary methodologies:

First, we have a proprietary step-by-step targeting plan. We call this approach Senseographics because we leverage your understanding, or sense, of your constituency's demographics and lifestyle. We help you translate your knowledge into a concrete plan to find and win the number of votes you need.

Second, for political parties or larger clients, we have a proprietary data model that uses advanced statistical methodology to predict the behaviour of every voter at the outset of the campaign and interpret their responses as the campaign progresses. This model accepts real-time data being generated from call centres and your volunteer canvass to make accurate predictions about the results on Election Day.

We will work with your team to:
● Identify the number of votes needed to win and build a plan for achieving that number
● Understand voters on their terms
● Target the voters who are most open to your message
● Chart the data needed to win

Your time and your team's time and resources are valuable and finite. Target appropriate messages to the right people to increase your chances of winning.

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