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We win elections. Advocacy campaigns. Large and small. Anywhere.

Our mission is to become the world's most technologically advanced supplier of direct voter contact and related campaign services to progressive political parties, candidates, trade unions, NGO's, citizen action and environmental protection organizations.

We will achieve this by focusing on our clients' needs, by constantly reinvesting in technology, partnering with other leaders, building our team and internal processes, and building on our years of campaign management and service delivery experience by campaigning relentlessly for the people and causes we support.

Our current list of services includes VoterID, Persuasion and GOTV calling by live call centre agents, live survey research, virtual call centre tools for your volunteers, automated polling, voice broadcasting, TeleForums, social media, txt message and e-mail campaigns, Internet advertising, targeting, data modeling and related data services.

We already serve clients in English, French and Spanish in a number of countries. Wherever you are, whatever kind of campaign, and whatever your budget and circumstances, we can find a way to work with you to improve your chances of winning. We can deliver services from our own facilities, call centres and our long-term partners, or integrate with your local vendors, based on your needs.

We can connect directly with your campaign database in real time, provide you with a database or deliver your data and reports via our secure online client portal.

Since 1997 we have amassed a winning record based on technological innovation, winning campaign strategies, strict controls over the quality and integrity of the data we generate, and integrating an ever-growing list of services and professionals with our team and proprietary platform. We have provided campaign services to over 1,500 clients and contacted more than 20 million voters. If your politics are our politics, we want to work with you.

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