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Social media plays an increasingly important role in political and advocacy campaigns. You can't afford to be left out of the dialogue.

Not a digital native? Social media does not have to be a mystery. We can help you get started with Facebook and Twitter and then help to develop content that is consistent with your voice, brand and message. We can also set you up to monitor social media in your campaign so that you stay current with voters, pundits, issues, mainstream media and your opponents.

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Online Advertising

Online advertising is a growing phenomenon in political and advocacy campaigns because it can be highly targeted and also reaches an online demographic that is less likely to be reached by phone or in person canvassing.

We are partnered with the world’s largest online advertising agency so that we can deliver results for you.

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Research shows people respond more quickly to SMS or text messages and that the messages have a significantly higher open rate. Younger people, in particular, have moved away from e-mail in favour of texting between mobile devices. Voters are also increasingly receptive to text messages as unlimited texting plans become the norm for carriers.

We can design and implement a low cost SMS campaign for your campaign that delivers issue, event and mobilization information to voters.

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Drive traffic to your website. Deliver your message. We can help you deliver e-mail campaigns that include live links that can be tracked as they become viral. Give each of your supporters a unique link so they can see the impact of their own network.

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Phone Number Appending

Successful telephone communication begins with having the best possible list of telephone numbers. We can source quality phone numbers for you and merge them with your voters list. Over more than ten years we have developed techniques to achieve the most accurate matching and for dealing with the special circumstance of apartment buildings and rural and remote areas.

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