Campaigns for Political Parties

First Contact campaigns for centre and left political parties with progressive agendas around the world.

We have particular experience in Parliamentary democracies, where local candidates must work very hard to achieve results that are better than the trend attributable to the Leader, Party and central campaign.

We have provided concurrent services for up to 300 candidates running for a political party during a General Election. With our advanced systems we can support candidate-specific custom messaging that speaks to local concerns while maintaining consistent Party branding.

We have the capacity to deliver millions of live calls or recorded messages, to reach hundreds of thousands of voters with TeleForums and the systems to support customization, localization and a consistent service delivery.

Whether you are a Party official, national or local campaign manager, elected representative or candidate, we understand your needs and are prepared to work with you. We will discuss your strategy, timeline and resources and work with your team and existing vendor network to help you achieve the most modern and effective campaign possible.

Campaigns for Municipal and Local Elections and Independents

Municipal, Local and Independent campaigns often do not have the infrastructure provided by a political party, and begin their campaigns without the related brand recognition. We have extensive experience working with candidates and campaigns that are going it alone and can provide the infrastructure and team resources that will get your campaign started, get you noticed and make you competitive.

Don't have a big budget? Not a problem. We have many strategies scaled to suit local elections that will have a big impact at a low cost.

NGO and Advocacy

At First Contact our team’s interests go beyond electoral politics and extend to the protection of workers rights, social justice and the environment. We have campaigned in the past for fair wages, healthcare, education, and the protection of vulnerable species including bees and pollinating insects, sharks and polar bears.

All of our campaign strategies and tools can be put at your disposal to campaign for a positive change in the world. We have creative ideas for crafting your campaign.

Start building support for your cause today!


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