Our mission is to become the world's most technologically advanced supplier of direct voter contact and related campaign tools to progressive political parties, candidates, trade unions, NGO's, citizen action and environmental protection groups around the world.

Our record of innovation, or “firsts” includes being the first to provide call centre services to Liberal Parties in Canada (1997), to integrate Persuasion calling in the latter phases of the campaign, to create an online client portal, to enable our management team to work via an online portal, to create real-time API’s to call centres and campaign databases in each of our markets, to emphasize GOTV in Advance Polls, and to build a predictive model or scoring system based on data we were collecting at the level of the individual voter.

We will never stop innovating, because your competition never rests. Among our current initiatives: we have formalized our relationship with the Political Field Experiments Department of a leading U.S. university and have been conducting controlled field experiments during recent elections. We continue to develop our proprietary technologies and to integrate new services to give you, the client, the broadest number of options for contacting your voters and constituents.

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